Rapid development of telecommunication systems and increasing demand for bandwidth, the filter-based, Wavelength Division Multiplexing products have become the best choice of increasing bandwidth within existing or developing optical networks. FOCI provides CWDM, DWDM components, modules as core passive elements that manage huge numbers of optical signal channels.
FOCI’s OADM/CWDM/DWDM products cover customized nos, of channels with/without upgrade port Mux /Demux applications.

WDM Devices

M-AC Coarse WDM Add/Drops   M-AD-1 100GHz Dense WDM Add/Drops
M-AD-2 200GHz Dense WDM Add/Drops   M-CP Pluggable Coarse WDMs
M-CT Thin Film Coarse WDMs   M-DT-1 100GHz Dense WDMs
M-CC 4/8/10 channel Mini-CWDMs   M-MM Multimode Filter WDMs
M-DT-2 200GHz Dense WDMs   M-NT-TR Triple Wavelength WDMs (1310/1490/1550nm)
M-NT inglemode Filter WDMs   M-MC CWDM Add/Drop Module (previous M-OC)
W-HI High Isolation WDMs(Fusing type)   M-MD DWDM Add/Drop Module (previous M-OD)
W-NS Standard Singlemode WDMs

Filter Devices

F-NS Standard Singlemode Filters
F-HI High Isolation Filters

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Important Notice:
FOCI rserves the rights to improve and modify the features and specifications of the products described in the catalouge without prior notification.

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