FOCI’s optical isolators are devices using polarization rotation to block return signals from the forward optical route. They limit signals distortions in devices caused by reflected lights signal in the fiber. There are mini free space and in-line type Optical Isolators available.

FOCI’s optical circulator is three port device, it is non-reciprocal device that redirect light from port-to-port sequentially in only one direction. For in-line type, it is with a wide range of connectors available to build on fiber cable end.  

Micro Optic Devices

M-FD Mini Free Space Optical Isolators    M-SD-FD Mini Free Space Optical Isolators 
M-FP Isolator Pigtails   M-SD-FS Receptacle with Isolator
M-IS Supreme Polarization Independent Isolators   M-II Polarization Independent Isolators
M-CN Polarization Independent Circulator   M-MI SM Fiber Mini-Isolator

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